Terms and conditions


We need 5 working days notice if you would like to cancel any course. A total loss of your deposit (£250) will occur if you cancel later than that before beginning a course.

Mungo’s Motorcycle School may decide to cancel or postpone training in extreme weather conditions such as heavy fog, snow, high winds or ice. The course will be rebooked with no extra charge.


Refunds can be asked for at least 10 working days from the start of a course. A 20% administration charge will be deducted from the total course fee. Refunds may take up to 7 working days to credit back to the customer.

Legal requirements

Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd. is an approved training body of the DVSA. All training carried out is overseen and governed by the Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency. All customers must provide a valid UK driving license with photo ID and for full licences a valid CBT certificate and motorcycle theory test where appropriate. If using their own vehicle, an insurance certificate and V5 registration document must be shown.

Road traffic violations

Road safety during the course is paramount. Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd. reserves the right to stop training in the event of a customer failing to respond to instructions and or demonstrating dangerous riding habits or attitudes. The decision from the instructor is final and the customer may lose the full course fee. Any penalty points or traffic violations during the course will be the responsibility of the rider.


Polite interaction with the other client and instructor is expected. Any verbal or physical threats towards others will not be tolerated and the full fees of the course will be lost. Alcohol and drug taking will terminate any training.

Personal injury

Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd. has full public liability for training school motorcycle riding. The company is not liable for any loss of damage to the personal effects of the customer. Nor direct or indirect loss, damage or injury from or in connection with the training provided (except for death or injuries sustained which were caused by negligence on behalf of the company). The customer waives all and any claims against Mungo’s Motorcycle School in this regard.

Insurance during the course from Mungo’s Motorcycle School

Throughout the courses there is third party only cover insurance from Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd. This can be requested for inspection by any client at the start of the course. Each customer is liable for any damage or loss to the motorcycle during a road traffic collision and any wilful act of negligence by the customer. Any violation of the terms and conditions of the insurance policy shall indemnify the lessor from any third party claim.

Whether signing a written agreement or not at the start of the course, the client is responsible for the care of themselves and the company motorcycle without the need of signing/accepting any further documentation. This agreement is therefore a proof of the hire agreement.

When a booking is made, each customer agrees to accept the Terms and Conditions of Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd.

Data protection

All customer information supplied to Mungo’s Motorcycle School Ltd is treated as confidential and not shared with any third parties. No credit card or bank transfer information is shared or stored.


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