Am I tall enough to ride the motorbike or scooter?

The lowest suggested height is about 5 ft 2 or 1 m 57cm for our 125cc bikes. The Honda MSX Grom 125 is small and there to help boost confidence for shorter riders.

 How long is the day?

Generally the training days last about 4–5 hours. Testing days for full licences can sometimes be between 3–4 hours to save energy and focus for the test itself.

How much experience do I need for a full bike licence?

After a CBT it’s always good to get at least about 500 miles of riding fluency and repetition before going for the full licence courses. There is no substitute for time on the bike. Or a booster session with an instructor helps a lot and provides accelerated learning compared to riding uncorrected.

Do I need to know the Highway Code?

Yes, a good understanding of the rules, signs and road markings of the UK roads is expected.

What is included in the price?

The bike hire, a communication radio, protective waterproof clothing, gloves and a helmet (if you need it). Plus friendly, safe instruction.

Will I be part of a big group?

We only train one to one or in groups no bigger than two riders to one instructor.

What do I need to bring?

Your full or provisional UK driving licence. Suitable rugged clothing for riding a bike such as tough trousers, jacket and boots.

For full licence courses you need to bring along your UK driving licence, CBT certificate and theory test certificate.